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40 Maths General Knowledge Questions And Answers

40 Maths General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. Who discovered Zero (0)?
Answer: Aryabhatta, AD 458

Explanation: Aryabhatta invented zero but he didn’t give any symbol for zero, Brahmagupta was the first to give symbol for zero and rules to compute with zero.

2. Who discovered the laws of the lever and pulley?
Answer: Archimedes
 3. Who is the Father of Mathematics?
Answer: Archimedes
4. Father of Algebra?

Answer: Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (Persian Mathematician)

5. The average of first 50 natural numbers?

Answer: 25.5

6. The value of Pi?

Answer: 3.14159

7. When is Pi Day celebrated around the world?
Answer: March 14
8. Who created the symbol ‘e’ ?
Answer: Leonhard Euler
9. Value of cos 360°?

Answer: 1

10. Angle greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees are called?

Answer: Reflex Angles

11. First person to use the Greek letter pi (π) to denote the constant?

Answer: William Jones in 1706

12. Scientist who was born on Pi Day?

Answer: Albert Einstein

13. Who discovered Pythagoras Theorem?

Answer: Pythagoras of Samos

14. Who discovered the Symbol Infinity “∞”?

Answer: John Wallis

15. Who discovered Fibonacci Sequence?

Answer: Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

16. Who discovered Logarithms and the Decimal point?

Answer: John Napier

17. Who discovered center of gravity?
Answer: Archimedes
18. Who invented the equals sign (=) ?

Answer: Robert Recorde

19. Who invented Slide rule?

Answer: William Oughtred

20. Who invented Unknown or variable quantities x, y, z ?
Answer: René Descartes
21. Who developed an easy method to find out all the Prime Numbers?
Answer: Eratosthenes

22. Which Greek Mathematician was killed by Romans during the capture of Syracuse?
Answer: Archimedes

23. Euler’s Formula?

Answer: Euler discovered two Important formulas
1) F + V = E + 2
2) e ix = cos x + i sin x

24. Father of Trigonometry?

Answer: Hipparchus

25. Who discovered Line Graph, Bar Chart, Circle Graph?

Answer: William Playfair

26. Who invented Boolean Algebra?

Answer: George Boole in 1847

27. Write the next number of the following Sequences 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,_?

Answer: 21

28. Who discovered Graph Theory?

Answer: Leonhard Euler

29. Who discovered ∇ (delta)?
Answer: William Rowan Hamilton
30. Value of Napier’s constant ‘e’ ?

Answer: e ≈ 2.71828

31. Who invented Unit Vectors i, j, k ?

Answer: William Rowan Hamilton

32. Who discovered the Square Root symbol √ ?

Answer: Christoph Rudolff

33. Who is considered as the Father of Calculus?
Answer: Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz
34. Father of Science?
Answer: Galileo Galilei
35. Who is the Father of Analytic Geometry?

Answer: René Descartes and Pierre de Fermat

36. Which numbers were believed to Promote Love?

Answer: Amicable numbers

37. Who invented Statistical Graph?
Answer: William Playfair
38. Who created BODMAS rule?
Answer: Achilles Reselfelt
39. Who invented Protractor?

Answer: Joseph Huddart

40. Where was Abacus invented?
Answer: China


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